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ARCH Consutling Group Ltd.




Specialising in Research & Mgmt for Public and Private 

Development Projects. 

Based in Belize and serving Latin America & the Caribbean Region.



  • Research & Development

  • Project & Program Design

  • Project Management

  • Data Collection & Analysis

  • Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Capacity Building &

       Knowledge Transfer

  • Communication &

       Marketing Strategy

  • Report and Grants Writing

  • Organizational Assessment

  • Strategic Planning​

  • Business Planning 

  • Policy Analysis & Support

  • SDG Integration

  • Public-Private Partnership Building

  • Media & Digital

  • Media Production

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ARCH Consulting Group Ltd. is a Belizean registered firm providing strategy

consultation as well as research and management services for development projects and processes, in English, Spanish, and French. ARCH has delivered services in Belize, the surrounding region of Central America & the Caribbean, and abroad, to local and international clients, from private companies to public institutions, foundations, governments, and international organizations. Its areas of expertise include but are not limited to:



  • Trade & Export Development

  • Investment Advising

  • Enterprise Development

  • Companies Formation & Compliance

  • Paralegal Services


  • Social Sector Development

  • Public Service Delivery

  • Civil Society Strengthening

  • Private Sector & Economic Growth

  • Environment & Natural Resource Mgmt


In order to deliver the best work to our clients, ARCH Consulting collaborates with key players in each field and industry involved with the project. Equipped with a network of both regional and international professionals, we select the most suited and qualified specialists to fulfil the tasks and specifications for each mission.


Our guiding principle is to provide our clientèle with the best services available while managing the project from inception to completion, delivering on time and within budget.  We employ best practices and standard methodologies to ensure the full satisfaction of our clients.



Audrey Robin
International Development


Phone: +501  615  5614  |  +1  917  979  2129

Audrey has over a decade of experience in the development and research fields with multiple international organizations including several UN agencies, governmental entities, leading corporations, and with the highest academic institutions such as the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Panthéon-Sorbonne and Yale University.

Graduated in International Development from Sorbonne University with a focus on International Relations, Law and Economics, she was trained and has worked in this sphere in Central America, North America, the Caribbean, Western Europe, and the Middle East, while developing extensive skills and experience in project and program development and management, as well as an acute sense of analysis, critical thinking, leadership and problem solving.

Always looking for new challenges and creative solutions towards societal and environmental progress, Audrey has led manifold initiatives involving the collaboration of the broadest scope of stakeholders, including academia, civil society organizations, private firms, governmental and public entities, through the development of public-private partnerships.

Born in France, she is fluent in French, English, and Spanish, practices kickboxing, and holds a FFA pilot license. She consults in both Europe and the Americas, and lives between Belize and her native country.

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Carlo Habet
Private Sector & Business 

Phone: +501  610  4186  |  +1  754  444  7773

Carlo is the consummate businessman cum-power broker with an unparalleled network, unmatched communication, and negotiation acumen. He has a long-respected reputation for getting things done and his deep national knowledge spans multiple sectors. As a Partner at ARCH Consulting, he brings more than a decade of executive experience in the private sector. 

After acquiring his Bachelor’s in Business Management at St Louis University (MO), Carlo joined his family business, a leading hardware wholesaler/retailer nationwide, Brothers Habet. He then founded 4Realty, a top boutique real estate firm brokering highly sought-after commercial properties to local and international investors and businessmen. Passionate about films, Carlo also formed a media and marketing company, Ignite Ltd., and a Film and Creative Agency, Veritas Productions, producing leading audiovisual content.

Currently the President of the Belize National Association of Real Estate, lobbying diligently for the establishment of regulatory legislation in the industry, Carlo has served on various boards over the years, including the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the National Bank of Belize Ltd. and the National Institute of Culture and History.

As a third-generation entrepreneur, whose family has had a rich history in Belize’s development, Carlo’s creative work has enhanced his ability to problem solve under tension and collaborate with others towards completing a project.

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ARCH Consultants have worked on various projects, undertaking diverse missions as consultants, collaborators or advisers for a number of organizations and companies, such as:

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