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  • Organizational Assessment

  • Strategic Planning​

  • Business Planning 

  • Policy Analysis & Support

  • SDG Integration

  • Public-Private Partnership Building

  • Media & Digital

  • Media Production

  • Research & Development

  • Project & Program Design

  • Project Management

  • Data Collection & Analysis

  • Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Capacity Building &

       Knowledge Transfer

  • Communication &

       Marketing Strategy

  • Report and Grants Writing


  • Trade & Export Development

  • Investment Advising

  • Enterprise Development

  • Companies Formation & Compliance

  • Paralegal Services



  • Social Sector Development

  • Public Service Delivery

  • Civil Society Strengthening

  • Private Sector & Economic Growth

  • Environment & Natural Resource Mgmt


In order to deliver the best work to our clients, ARCH Consulting collaborates with key players in each field and industry involved with the project.  Equipped with a network of both regional and international professionals, we select the most suited and qualified specialists to fulfil the tasks and specifications for each mission.


Our guiding principle is to provide our clientèle with the best services available while managing the project from inception to completion, delivering on time and within budget.  We employ best practices and standard methodologies to ensure the full satisfaction of our clients.


ARCH Consultants have worked on various projects, undertaking diverse missions as consultants or advisers for a number of organisations and companies, such as:

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