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Nation-wide Call for Entry-Level and Experienced Surveyors for Data Collection Projects in Belize

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

ARCH Consulting Group seeks motivated surveyors and enumerators throughout the entire country of Belize to work with our team for upcoming short- and medium-term data collection projects. The data collectors will receive training and work under the direction of the company's Project Officer Administrator and the Surveyors’ Supervisor. Pay is competitive and based on the professional’s experience. Please be aware that this is a contractor mission and doesn't constitute an employee position.

Two women from Belize conducting a survey
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About Us

ARCH Consulting Group Ltd. is an international cooperation and development consulting firm based in Belize City, with a presence in Mexico and the USA. The firm specializes in providing technical delivery, research, and project management services for public development projects in Latin America and the Caribbean region.

Work Description

As a surveyor, you will be the primary data collector. Surveyors will be assigned to a team and designated geographic areas of work within the country of Belize. Some of the responsibilities for these duties include:

  • Conduct data collection in designated areas

  • Conduct interviews with people and assist them with completing the survey form accurately

  • Interact with people by helping them interpret the survey form and answering questions regarding the details needed for the survey

  • Update or correct any discrepancies in existing or current data

  • Double-check information on survey forms to ensure accuracy of information

  • Identify and report any issues that may arise while attempting to obtain valid data

  • Ensure that the supervisor is kept informed of completed assignments and progress

  • Follow basic training prior to the mission to learn more about the specificity of each project and the data collection methodologies

Each project's duration and workload will vary. Pre-selected candidates will receive detailed information before the start of each mission. Surveyors will be issued an independent contractor agreement specifying the mission's duration and hours worked. Payment will be made upon completion of the work, typically on a weekly to bi-weekly basis. Additionally, surveyors will receive a stipend to cover daily expenses, including transportation and lunch.

Surveyors who consistently demonstrate professionalism and responsibility on previous missions may receive preferential consideration for future assignments and the opportunity for advancement to supervisory roles.

Compensation is competitive and commensurate with the surveyor's level of experience. Please note that this is not an employee position.


We are looking for surveyors with these qualifications and profile:

  • Experience in a previous data collection position or work is highly desirable but not required; If no prior experience, a strong willingness to learn and perform will be requested

  • Able to work flexible hours – we will do our best to inform the data collectors as much in advance as possible on working dates and times, but schedules can vary at time

  • Fluent in English (Must be fluent in Spanish in the Northern and Cayo districts)

  • Be knowledgeable of assigned areas of work

  • Serious and motivated individuals with a professional attitude; Must be able to work under pressure

  • Must be 18 years or older

How this works

For each mission, we will sending a general email to those who are selected, providing more information about the work and a schedule with available time slots for each location. Each candidate can reserve their work spot for their preferred time slots on a first-come, first-served basis, either online or by contacting the office. Data collectors can conduct surveys in their own district or travel to other districts to conduct additional surveys based on the project's requirements.

How to apply

If you are interested in applying, please fill out the form by clicking here or using the form below. You might need to create an account on JotFrom (for free) to fill out the form.

Any questions or queries can be sent to

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