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Transforming Public Transportation in Belize with Transconsult through meticulous Data Collection

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

Capacity Building for Public Transportation Reform for Belize” is a project intended to support the implementation of the short-term transportation reforms needed to strengthen the capacity of the Ministry of Public Utilities, Logistics, and E-Governance and enhance the public transportation industry as a continuation of the Comprehensive National Transport Master Plan (CNTMP).

Developed in close coordination with the Economic Development Council and the Belize Infrastructure Limited, the project aims to:

  • build capacity for public and private institutions to effectively plan and implement policy initiatives to improve the service quality and efficiency of public transport;

  • make the public transportation services more efficient through the design of a bus routing, scheduling, and ticketing system, improved terminal facilities, and an improved bus fleet with the necessary regulations and standards for the sector.

Transconsult, the regional partner for this project, tasked ARCH Consulting Group with conducting local and field studies which included the collection and compilation of data on passenger demand, origin and destination, existing public ground transportation routes and schedules, operators' public transportation counts, and surveys with commuters. ARCH worked alongside individuals familiar with the internal deficiencies and potential of the country’s transport system to improve public transportation in Belize and safeguarding the integration of its users. For three months and daily, our team dispatched over 50 agents throughout the entire country to collect and compile the data.

Four buses in Belize
© Picture by Amandala Press (2021)

The objectives of this project are to:

  • rationalize the public transport lines in Belize to improve efficiency and quality of service;

  • prepare a scheduling system for public ground transport vehicles;

  • design an online system that supports ticketing and scheduling;

  • conduct desk feasibility study on alternative modes of transportation for public ground transportation fleet, e.g., electric vehicles, compressed natural gas.

The key output of this consultancy is the preparation of a Public Ground Transportation routing design for the country, entailing the collection of data and design of an online ticketing system and scheduling system.

At its end, ARCH applied its extensive experience in data collection, survey conduction, and project management to the transportation field, and got firsthand experience of the importance of a more regulated transportation system and the number of people that could benefit from this initiative.

Transconsult had this to say about their experience working with ARCH consultants:

"Working with ARCH Consulting Team was a pleasant experience, communication in different languages allowed the confidence to transmit what was needed. Planning was meticulous and follow-up personalized."

Thanks to Transconsult for collaborating and entrusting us with this project, we are always ready to deliver results we are proud of.

Timeline: February–April 2022

Stakeholders involved:

Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

Government of Belize

Ministry of Public Utilities, Energy and Logistics of Belize

Department of Transport of Belize

Economic Development Council of Belize (EDC)

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