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Collecting Real-Time Data to inform on Project Effectiveness and Impact for Communities

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Data Collection from Infrastructure Users in Remote Areas Using Real-Time and Global Positioning Insights” is a project intended to help the Ministry of Infrastructure Development and Housing of Belize understand how the residents along the Coastal Highway would benefit from the upgrade project.

Developed in coordination with the United Kingdom Government under the UK Caribbean Infrastructure Fund (UKCIF) and the Caribbean Development Bank, the project aims to:

  • Upgrade 59 kilometers (about 36.66 mi) of existing unsealed roadway along the East coast of Belize that links the George Price Highway to the Hummingbird Highway, to provide all-weather access, improve connectivity, make the route more climate resilient, and improve road safety.

  • Reduce travel time between the Northern and Southern districts and improve access for an estimated 2,000 residents in the Gales Point, Hope Creek, La Democracia, and Mullins River communities, including women and youth, to economic opportunities during and after construction.

Geopoll, the world’s largest mobile survey platform based in Denver, U.S.A tasked ARCH Consulting Group with providing in-depth information about the day-to day lives of the residents from the communities along the Belize Coastal Highway. For one month, our team recruited and provided training to the surveyors and on-site manager on how to use the Geopoll software. The software allows immediate access to survey results and interviewer metrics and enables consistent scripts, data collection, and quality assurance. 300 CAPI (computer assisted personal interviews) household surveys were conducted with a 50/50 gender split, using the Geopoll designed software to collect the data. We covered all the Human Resource work – hiring, contracting, insurance, payroll, duty of care – for a seamless experience for the client. ARCH also monitored the team on a constant and daily basis, organized the logistics, troubleshot when necessary, and collected onsite feedback to revert to the client for adjustment.

A main road in the forest
The Belize Coastal Highway © Picture by Channel 5 Belize (2022)

ARCH’s objectives during this project were:

  • Focused on effectiveness and impact of the project

  • Direct contact point with management and operation

  • Strategic direction on the focus of the assignment, including associated risks

  • Quality assurance on performance and all deliverables

  • Review of and feedback on the factual and contextual accuracy of all deliverables

  • Completion of services and deliverables against the approved work plan, supported by targets and indicators prior to paying invoices submitted by evaluation provider

The key output of this consultancy is supporting growth and improved livelihoods, poverty reduction, and safer, climate-resilient conditions for residents along the Coastal Highway communities.

ARCH applied its extensive experience in data collection, survey conduction, and project management to this infrastructure-based project and understood the significance of upgrading the Coastal Highway and how it would uplift the livelihoods of the residents and improve connectivity within the country, benefitting all Belizeans. We thank Geopoll for collaborating and entrusting us with this project.

Timeline: January – February 2022

Stakeholders involved:

United Kingdom Department for International Development (DFID)

United Kingdom Caribbean Infrastructure Partnership Fund (UKCIF Aid)

Caribbean Development Bank (CBD)


Government of Belize

Ministry of Infrastructure Development and Housing (formerly Ministry of Works)

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About ARCH Consulting Group Ltd.:

ARCH Consulting Group is an international development & cooperation consulting firm providing services such as project management, program development, fieldwork and local coordination, research, strategy consultation, policy analysis and support, and monitoring and evaluation. We serve Latin America and the Caribbean and deliver services in English, Spanish, and French through our presence in Belize, Mexico, and the USA.

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