"The progress of Belize in open data is one to watch", says 2020's Open Data Barometer report

The Open Data Barometer is a global measure of how governments are publishing and using open data for accountability, innovation, and social impact. In 2020, for the first time, an assessment was done in Belize with the assistance of ARCH Consulting Group. From this research, it is now possible to track the government's readiness to share public data.

A 2020 report by the Latin American Open Data initiative (ILDA), a research organization dedicated to exploring the use of data for development, revealed that most countries in Latin America and the Caribbean have been stagnant or only slightly improved their open data ecosystems since the 2016 edition. Despite coming at the antepenultimate position in the region, just before Haiti and Nicaragua, of the new countries to have entered the ODB rankings, the progress of Belize is one to watch.

The findings for 2021 will tell us how Belize and the region are positioning themselves regarding open governance and if any progress has been made. As the 2021 survey is coming shortly, have a look at last year's results.

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